We engage children, youth, and adults in sustained activities to transform their communities into places of safety and belonging for all:

  • Experiential learning: We believe leadership and civic responsibility are not best developed in trainings or webinars, but by supporting experiential "learning by doing." Our activities give people experiences of demonstrating new skills and capacities.

  • Inclusive dialogue: Our activities provide safe spaces for honest exchange. We help people share perspectives and develop a better understanding of themselves and each other.

  • Collaborative action: Our activities provide opportunities for community members take action together across difference towards shared goals and futures.

Our Work


We adapt GFP’s global experiences, good practices, and lessons learned in communities in the United States, and:

  • Partner with strong existing community structures (i.e. youth centers, schools, community non-profits, faith-based structures);

  • Work with those structures to identify community issues they’re most passionate about changing;

  • Train members of those structures in how to use sport, arts, advocacy, dialogue, empowerment and/or media tools to address community issues;

  • Mentor and support those trained to implement activities in their communities that address the identified issues;

  • Monitor and evaluate changes resulting from the activities, and use that information to inform future actions.