Our programs utilize one or more tools as vehicles to achieve behavioral and attitudinal change in communities:

Our Work


Using sport-based games and drills to harness the energy and power of team dynamics an joint effort towards achieving a goal


Using activities such as theater, dance, painting, yoga, and music to foster positive change, bringing people together through safe and creative means


Utilizing grassroots actions to promote civic engagement & empower community members to raise awareness on & transform issues affecting their peace, safety, and inclusion


Creating a safe space where participants can engage in an honest exchange of ideas, enabling a sharing of lived experiences, leading to a better understanding of themselves and each other


Building the life skills and capacities of youth and adults trapped in conflict due to lack of power, influence, economic status, or specific vulnerabilities, breaking cycles of conflict in their daily lives


Increasing the capacities of media professionals to produce conflict-sensitive media; or engages young people directly in the creation of digital media content that advances a positive narrative