Program Results

We measure the impact of all of our programs through a participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methodology that combines quantitative and qualitative data collection with collective learning and reflection. We invite the full and meaningful participation of community members into the sense-making, including those engaged in our programs directly and indirectly.

Since we began programming in the USA in 2019, we have measured the following outcomes in the people and communities we serve:


Peace, Safety, and Inclusion

  • 33% increase in the ability to respond to conflict in a non-violent manner among youth in the program

  • 67% decrease in disciplinary incidents or remedial actions at school among youth of the community

Civic Responsibility

  • 40% increase in the level of inter-racial community engagement

  • 34% increase in values of responsible citizenship

Trust and Understanding of Others

  • 51% decrease in levels of negative influence of peer group on youth in the program

  • 40% increase in the level of willingness to interact socially with people of other races

Social-Emotional Learning and Leadership Skills

  • 24% increase in levels of individual's own coping mechanisms among youth in the program

  • 37% increase in values of youth leadership

By the Numbers

GFP USA Program Reach Since 2019

  • 3 program cycles completed
  • 58 teens and adults trained
  • 1,711 children, youth, and adults benefited and counting!